Public guided tour in English in the exhibition "Europe and the Sea"

Deutsches Historisches Museum

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Seafaring has played a definitive role in shaping the economic and cultural development of the European continent. Paying particular attention to war at sea, commercial relations, migration movements, naval technology, ship design, containerization, sea exploration and life at sea, this special exhibition aims to give an overview of power politics and everyday life in European sea ports. The guided tour presents a variety of original objects, inviting visitors to discover their purpose and wider historical importance. Highlights include an Arnold chronometer, 17th century hand grenades made from Murano Glass, paintings by Joaquin Sorolla and Gustave Courbet, and Friendly Floatees.


Deutsches Historisches Museum
Unter den Linden 2
10117 Berlin

Zugehörige Ausstellung
Europa und das Meer
Laufzeit: 13.06.2018 bis 06.01.2019

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31. Dezember 2018
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