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Berlinische Galerie

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© Oana Popa

Over 60 minutes experienced art guides offer insights into 100 years of art history in Berlin, dipping briefly into the themes of temporary exhibitions.

Find out more about art from Berlin and the Berlinische Galerie collection. The Berlinische Galerie collects and shows art from Berlin. Painting, sculpture, photography and architecture illustrate developments from the Weimar period until our own day. They present a varied picture of the city, its people and its artists. During the tour you will discover interesting facts and background to the works and artists in our exhibitions. Our art guides add intensity and inspiration to the experience. In their company you will take a closer look and begin a conversation with each other. Art is, after all, more than aesthetic pleasure. It provides food for stimulating discussion and reflection about our society, our world and our personal lives.

Current information about guided tours:

For your safety and ours, we kindly ask you to observe the code of conduct:

Please note these rules for guided tours:

Maximum 10 participants
Please register in advance, on the day of the tour, at the front desk.
Only registered persons can take part in the guided tour.
Unfortunately we cannot accept reservations in advance.
We recommend that you arrive on time.

In cooperation with Museumsdienst Berlin


Berlinische Galerie
Alte Jakobstraße 124-128
10969 Berlin

+49 (30) 789 02-600
+49 (30) 789 02-700
26. September 2020
16:15 till 17:15
3. October 2020
16:15 till 17:15
10. October 2020
16:15 till 17:15
17. October 2020
16:15 till 17:15
24. October 2020
16:15 till 17:15
31. October 2020
16:15 till 17:15
Free entrance

More Events

©Daniel Müller

workshop: 26. September 2020 10:00


© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020, Foto: Kai-Annett Becker

symposium: 26. September 2020 Cancelled

Werner Heldt und die Stadt

© Oana Popa

Guided tour: 26. September 2020 15:00


© Nina Strassguetl

workshop: 27. September 2020 11:00

Vom Körper aufs Papier

© Bernd Trasberger, Foto: Kai-Annett Becker

Guided tour: 27. September 2020 11:00

Stadtführung mit Ausstellungsbesuch: "Gezeichnete Stadt"

Nischen des Urbanen

©Daniel Müller

workshop: 27. September 2020 11:30

Taktile Stadtansichten: Untersuche den Stadtraum auf seine fühlbaren Qualitäten

© Marc Bauer. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann

Guided tour: 28. September 2020 14:00

Kurator*innenführung: Marc Bauer. The Blow-Up Regime

©Daniel Müller

workshop: 30. September 2020 15:30

Offenes Atelier - Deine Kunstwerkstatt

© Harry Schnitger

Guided tour: 2. October 2020 16:00


©Daniel Müller

workshop: 3. October 2020 10:00

Einzeichnen. Festival zur zeichnerischen Eroberung der Stadt

© Noshe

miscellaneous: 5. October 2020 10:00

Happy Monday!

Jeden ersten Montag im Monat

© Berlinische Galerie / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn Repro: Kai-Annett Becker

Guided tour: 5. October 2020 14:00

Kurator*innenführung: "Gezeichnete Stadt"

© Berlinische Galerie / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn Repro: Kai-Annett Becker

Guided tour: 5. October 2020 15:00

Guided Tour: Drawing the City. Paper-Based Works from 1945 to the Present

©Daniel Müller

workshop: 10. October 2020 14:00


© Marie-Claire Krahulec

miscellaneous: 14. October 2020 15:00


© Urheberrechte am Werk erloschen

Guided tour: 14. October 2020 16:00

Kurator*innenführung: Robert Petschow

©Daniel Müller

workshop: 18. October 2020 11:00

Kunstsonntag für Familien

©Daniel Müller

Guided tour: 18. October 2020 15:00

Wochenendführung mit DGS

©Daniel Müller

workshop: 31. October 2020 10:00

Bunte Vielfalt im Quadrat

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