Lecture, talk.

Online event: Vacation dreams in socialism

Daniela Spiegel presents her book on holiday architecture in the DDR

GDR Museum

Cooperation event with the Leibniz Institute for Space-Related
Social Research e.V. (IRS), Erkner

The main sponsor of the state recreation system in the DDR was the FDGB holiday service. However, companies and combines created their own recreational facilities for their employees in order to meet the enormous demand for vacation spots. From the Baltic coast to the Lausitz, from the Müritz to the Thuringian Forest, countless holiday properties have been built. The book is dedicated to this previously unexplored topic. In it, the author explores the question of how the architectural adventure spaces of the state-controlled vacation were designed and which influences existed from Eastern and Western Europe.


Prof. Dr. Daniela Spiegel, architectural historian, Dessau

The event will be streamed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw5lmOb6FM9Yy71cec42UaQ

The event wil take place in German.

Meeting point

GDR Museum

Digital event

Related exhibition
DDR Museum
12. May 2021
18:00 till 20:00
Free entrance

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