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From the Middle East to the DDR

Panel discussion on visiting students from the Arab world

GDR Museum

Cooperation event with the Orient Institute Beirut

Between 1951 and 1991 around 75,000 people from abroad studied at the DDR universities. In 1988, 13,400 students from 126 countries were enrolled, around 2,000 of them from the Middle East. Who were these young people? How were they seen by society, treated by the state, and controlled by the state security? How did everyday life under socialism influence their view of the DDR and also of their countries of origin? What experiences did they bring back to their home country? All of this is up for discussion on the panel. The starting point is a research project by the Orient Institute Beirut and its partner institutes in Moscow and Warsaw.


Dr. Sophia Hoffmann, Leibniz Centre for the Modern Orient, Berlin
Stella Kneifel M.A., University of Erfurt
Dr. Ala Al-Hamarneh, Orient Institute Beirut
Dr. Patrice Poutrus, University of Erfurt


Prof. Dr. Birgit Schäbler, Orient Institute Beirut

The event will take place in German.

Please note that all events are carried out in accordance with the ordinances of the Berlin Senate for the containment of Covid-19 in force at the time. Due to the distance and hygiene regulations, only a limited number of places are available. Registration is possible at [email protected]

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Meeting point
Sankt Wolfgang-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin

GDR Museum
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1
Direkt an der Spree, gegenüber dem Berliner Dom
10178 Berlin

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DDR Museum
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11. June 2021
18:00 till 20:00
Free admission
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