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The permanent exhibition at Museum Neukölln

Neukölln Museum

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Foto: Friedhelm Hoffmann / Museum Neukölln

The permanent exhibition of the Museum Neukölln on the former estate Britz focuses on 99 original objects of the collection. Based on these material contemporary witnesses, visitors can discover fundamental aspects of the history and present of the Neukölln district. Computer terminals provide comprehensive information on the individual objects and their respective social and cultural contexts. Photographs, films and audio documents are integrated. Personal narratives associated with the objects play an important role in media communication. Playful elements such as a quiz on each object increase the entertainment value of the presentation.

The permanent exhibition "99 × Neukölln" is first and foremost a place of orientation to give visitors of all ages an introduction to the history of Neukölln. But it also enables a systematic appropriation of various aspects of Neukölln's history and present via the location of the objects, their chronological classification or a thematic approach. In addition, direct reference is made to the Historical Storage, Archive and Depot of the Museum as a further place of discovery of historical contexts. Such a multidimensional form of knowledge transfer on the basis of individual objects is so far unique in German museums.

Neukölln Museum
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Gutshof Britz
12359 Berlin

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