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© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Antikensammlung / Johannes Laurentius

The Pergamonmuseum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of the architecture of antiquity. The Market Gate of Miletus was erected around 100 AD as an opulent gateway between two plazas squares. Measuring almost 29 metres across and 17 metres high, it is the only monument to have been fully re-installed reconstructed in the Pergamonmuseum, and alongside the Pergamon Altar, is the most important monument in the Antikensammlung.

In addition to this marble gateway, there are other monuments on exhibit dating to the period between the 1st and 3rd centuries of the Roman Empire AD. They originate from various regions of the Roman Empire, from Italy to Syria. On display are architectural reconstructions, individual architectural components elements (oder: pieces), mosaics and sculptures. These include structural elements and reconstructions of temples in Baalbek (in present-day Lebanon) and Sia (southern Syria), parts of a circular tomb from Falerii (Italy), along with relief friezes and a seated statue of the emperor Trajan, from Rome.

A large number of the architectural pieces on exhibit were uncovered more than 100 years ago in the cities of Pergamon and Miletus in Asia Minor, during excavations carried out by the Royal Museums, and acquired for the Berlin museums through partage official division of finds. The same goes for a large mosaic in the centre of the hall, which depicts the musician Orpheus on a rock, surrounded by tamed animals. It once adorned the dining room of a private house in Miletus.

Refurbishment and Restoration Work

Due to on-going refurbishment and restoration work, only certain sections of the collection of the Pergamonmuseum are currently open to the public. The room of Roman architecture, however, featuring the famous Market Gate of Miletus, remains open.

A permanent exhibition of the Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

Pergamon Museum
Am Kupfergraben 5
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