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nGbK / neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

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Courtesy Emir Uzun
25.06.2021 16:00

Havin Al-Sindy, Deniz Aktaş, Beizar Aradini, Nuveen Barwari, Mehmet Ali Boran, Savaş Boyraz, Mahmut Celayir, Fatoş Irwen, Miro Kaygalak, Elif Küçük, Zelal Özkan, Şener Özmen, Helin Şahin 

The exhibition and events series concentrate on the range of creative approaches used to cope with Kurdish realities – realities chiefly marked by collective depression, forms of resistance and rebellion, trauma, and the conditions of war, exile and dispersal. The main objective of this project is to show the development of this unexpected creativity that is connected with practices of artistic transgression and decolonial reflection in Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora worldwide.

nGbK project group: Bilal Ata Aktaş, Elif Küçük, Duygu Örs, Şener Özmen, Engin Sustam

nGbK / neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst
Oranienstraße 25
10999 Berlin

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