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Probleme der Repräsentation

KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, Photo: Tom Janssen

Artists: Pierre Bismuth, Claus Föttinger, Julia Lazarus, Erik van Lieshout, Marina Naprushkina, Oliver Ressler, Anja Schrey, Jonas Staal, Joulia Strauss, as well as Assembly RST (Nadira Husain, Daniel Johnston, Markus Schinwald, among others) and migrants from a refugee camp in Lesbos (Hossini, Masoumeh, Nazgol, among others)

Around the world, many existing democracies are in a crisis: freedoms and options for political participation are being restricted or their use is declining. This guest-curated exhibition takes the vulnerability of the basic democratic order in current systems as a starting point and illuminates problem areas such as burgeoning right-wing populism around the world, the mediatisation of politics, the tension between inclusion and exclusion in decision-making processes, new forms of political participation, and the relationship between extra-parliamentary protest and official politics.

Curated by Raimar Stange

KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art
Am Sudhaus 3
12053 Berlin

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Please reserve a timed ticket to visit our exhibitions and observe our Hygiene and Protective Measures as well as the current incidence situation in Berlin, on which the opening of the house depends.

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Booking Telephone
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