Design Lab #1 RAPID

3D Printing from Algorithms to Lemon Squeezer

Museum of Decorative Arts

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© Yair Kira

Projects from the UdK Berlin, curated by designtransfer

This Pop up exhibition at the Arts and Crafts Museum, Berlin, is in cooperation with designtransfer, UdK Berlin. It gives an insight into experiments, prototypes and production processes in 3D printing from UdK students and alumni over the recent years – from individualised shoes, glasses and sport bras to educational ceramic printers and filigree mesh structures.

The projects explore design possibilities of the digital technology with algorithms and scripts, traditional crafts, new materials, applications and typologies.

With Eric Esser, Joana Schmitz & Denis Risse, Yair Kira, Daniel Valencia Ferrá, Cindy Valdez, Vlasta Kubušová & Miroslav Král (crafting plastics! studio), Sophia Guggenberger, Anna Ryzhova & Nadia Narges Rezaei, Cathryn McAnespy, Takuya Koyama & Kohei Kimura & Mizuki Tanaka, Laureanne Kootstra

The exhibition is supported by the Kuratorium Preußischer Kulturbesitz. 

Museum of Decorative Arts
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