Design Lab#2

Less is Less - More is More The production of everyday life

Museum of Decorative Arts

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© Xiaoxue Xu

Our everyday life is shaped by the routines with which we interact with the humans, objects, spaces and concepts that surround us. „How to do something“ becomes a habit and implicit gesture. The course space&designSTRATEGIES from the Art University in Linz takes a closer look at these quotidian routines and will investigate how the everyday is produced: In a series of workshops the Kunstgewerbemuseum will be transformed into a research space filled with objects detached from everyday life. 

Curated by Ton Matton with Larissa Meyer, Antoine Turillon

In cooperation with space&designSTRATEGIES (Kunstuniversität Linz).

The exhibition is supported by the Kuratorium Preußischer Kulturbesitz. 

Museum of Decorative Arts
10785 Berlin

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