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Screenshot Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Quelle: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung

Considered one of the most influential feature films in film history, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (directed by Robert Wiene) celebrated its premiere at Berlin’s Marmorhaus cinema on February 26, 1920. To mark its centennial, we are dedicating an exhibition to this Expressionist masterpiece.

Building on the innovative advertising campaign ("Du musst Caligari werden!" / "Be Caligari!") used at that time, the show traces the production history of this early psychological thriller. It also presents reconstructions of the movie’s spectacular sets based on historical models and drawings. Alongside the restored original version of the silent film, a Virtual Reality (VR) film Der Traum des Cesare (Cesare’s Dream) is a highlight of the exhibition. The volumetric film makes it possible for visitors to delve into the three-dimensional Caligari film space and to move virtually through the sets.

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