Unique Piece or Mass Product?

Second Part of the Exhibition Series »111/99«

Werkbund Archive – Museum of Things

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Exhibition catalogue: Die Form ohne Ornament. To the Werkbund Exhibition 1924, Deutsche Verlagsanstalt Stuttgart, 1924. Photo: Armin Herrmann, 2019 Foto: Armin Herrmann, 2019
03.04.2019 19:00

Technical Form, Mechanical Form, Functional Form, Form without Ornament – the question of form characterises the programmatic controversies in the context of Werkbund and Bauhaus.

Which form is perceived as modern? Which role does the demand for a new style play? What is the relationship between the shape of a form and the technical conditions of production? What are the formal qualities of an individual handcrafted or artistic piece and what are the characteristics of an industrially produced object?

In the second exhibition of the »111/99« series, entitled »Unique Piece or Mass Product?«, a selection of objects and documents will illustrate the strives for defining a concept of modern design in the early 20th century. In the contemporary remarks on design practice and the production of everyday things, a shift between the feeling of being threatened by technical developments and an enthusiasm about technology is discernible. A rift between the desire of individual expression and the necessity to satisfy the needs of the masses, an abeyance between the ideal of a unifying design and the fear of egalitarianism becomes visible.

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