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© Nahed Mansour
22.07.2020 17:00

An exhibition by Nahed Mansour with Fatima Abdo, Raed Alhameed, Kifan Alkarjousli, Nagham Hamoush and Mohammad Rabee Alskif

The Qasr Al-Mshatta Relief, one of the main attractions of the Pergamon Museum, stands between furniture from a refugee registration facility. Red, plastic plates hang at the Ishtar Gate. What stories are told here that would otherwise remain unheard?

While in the museum, historical artefacts are isolated from people and their present context, in the refugee home, people are separated from their histories. In this exhibition, the artists of FASAHAT create an in-between space in Galerie im Turm in which they use hybrid monuments to bridge between past and present, and other lived realities.

In Arabic, Fasahat refers to empty spaces, but also to walks that give hope. As part of a Community Art project initiated by Nahed Mansour, inhabitants of the refugee accommodation “An der Havel” last year transformed a section of the site into a museum. Together with other artists both with and without refugee experience, they drafted their own spaces and monuments. They relate to several visits to the Pergamon Museum, and to artefacts with which the participants have a deep connection due to their backgrounds. The architectures and lived realities of the refugee home are interwoven into self-built monuments, forming new places for social encounters and cultural education onsite.
This summer, FASAHAT will be continued and a new exhibition will open. Galerie im Turm will be explored as a third space that, beyond institutional formats such as the museum or the refugee home, offers the possibility for new proximities, meanings and modes in the writing of history.

Invited by Jorinde Splettstößer


We, 19/08 | 6 pm
Artist talk with Fatima Abdo, Raed Alhameed, Kifan Alkarjousli, Nagham Hamoush, Nahed Mansour and Kristina Leko

Fr, 04/09 | 6 pm
Performance by Nagham Hamoush

All events take place under strict observance of the hygiene and distance rules.

The gallery is located on the ground floor and is accessible via a mobile ramp. The exhibition guard will help you (030 – 4229426). Next to the gallery (300m) is the barrier-free subway and tram station Frankfurter Tor. There is no public toilet in the gallery. The next public and wheelchair accessible toilet (850 meters away): city Toilette, Eldenaer Str. 12A, 10247 Berlin.
Main languages in the exhibition are Arabic and German. Exhibitions texts are also available in English.There are visual, auditive and tactile aspects that can be experienced. This exhibition is child-friendly.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

With the kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe: Exhibition Fund Municipal Galleries and Fund Exhibition fees for visual artists. Galerie im Turm is a facility of the district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Galerie im Turm
Frankfurter Tor 1
10243 Berlin

Monday - Sunday
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