Felicity Hammond

Remains in Development

C/O Berlin

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Post Production, 2018, (Detail) © Felicity Hammond © Felicity Hammond

Smiling and larger than life, the perfectly styled single woman of the future gazes out at us. Her light-drenched luxury apartment in a skyscraper towers over a futuristic urban panorama. Though by now, we’ve long grown accustomed to such oversized advertisements in public spaces, such images cleverly play on our desire for a glossy urban life. But in the work of British artist Felicity Hammond (b. 1988), the confident promises of real estate companies confront postindustrial scenes of car tires and construction debris. Clearly, when it comes to urban planning, utopia and dystopia exist in close proximity.

With Remains in Development, C/O Berlin presents Felicity Hammond’s first solo show in Germany. The exhibition draws on the artist’s monograph Property (2019) and translates elements from the book into three-dimensional space for the first time. Hammond thus brings together key works in her artistic oeuvre in a new constellation: collages and sculptural objects are displayed alongside an installation that draws attention to the chroma key process employed in film and photographic technology, used to digitally remove greenscreen backgrounds, which are replaced by other images for advertising pamphlets and posters. In tandem with the exhibition at C/O Berlin, Hammond will display her artworks on advertising columns, thus returning them to an urban context. These five objects will be positioned at B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, in front of Kühlhaus Berlin in Luckenwalder Straße and around Amerika Haus.

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