Meshwork of Things

The Sammlungsschaufenster of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Tieranatomisches Theater

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Exhibition view, Meshwork of Things Michael Pfisterer (Hamburg)
21.10.2019 17:00

80 things. 26 collections. 1 digital guide. ∞ Links.


What links the photograph of St. Mary's Church in Prenzlau with a rock sample of Ice Age bedrock? Is there a common method for understanding a crystallographic model and clay fragments from a Cushitic sacred site in Sudan? And what does a lava stone have to do with jihad?

The Meshwork of Things - Sammlungsschaufenster in the Tieranatomisches Theater presents multifaceted perspectives on the scientific collections of the Humboldt-Universität. Starting from the thematic clusters of “application”, “provenance”, “diversity” and “region”, visitors can explore a wide range of information and connections between the objects. The “Cabinet of Curiosities of the 21st century” features lighting that can be controlled individually for each exhibit, making the tour through the exhibition visible in real time via an app.

The virtual tours convey collection practices and forms of use (“practice”, “comparative viewing”) and build bridges between scientific disciplines. They create new perspectives on current social topics such as migration. The spectrum of the tours is continually being expanded to include further topics, which, for example, make visible contemporary historical classifications (“collected in the GDR”), gender-specific questions (“collecting is a woman's business”) and object genres (“models”). Familiar objects and famous people appear as well as less known and surprising things.

The objects and main themes are regularly exchanged, so that the Meshwork of Things constantly produces new themes and connections.

Curated by Felix Sattler, Sarah Becker and Jessica Korp.
Idea and concept by Felix Sattler and Dr. Jochen Hennig.

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