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© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Unbekannt (Leopold Ahrendts zugeschrieben)
19.09.2019 18:00

Theodor Fontane's works stand out for their unique descriptions of Berlin, the city he lived in for nearly 60 years. He observed its transformation from a royal residence to a young metropolis – an epoch of great upheaval for the city. The exhibition puts Fontane's texts and writings in dialogue with photographs of his times and our own.

Pioneers of urban photography, from Leopold Ahrendts to F. Albert Schwartz, were working at the same time as Fontane to tell the story of 19th-century Berlin. The contemporary Berlin photographer Lorenz Kienzle spent more than ten years creating works based on Fontane's novels as part of his "Tatort Fontane" project, and his pictures connect the exhibition with the present day.

As a special feature, young people from two Berlin schools took camera and pen in hand to follow the traces of Fontane in Berlin as junior curators. In this exhibition, fiction meets reality.

An exhibition in the context of the anniversary programme "fontane.200".

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