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9 people from East and West, born in 1975, talk about their experiences with the division, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the growing together. They come from different social backgrounds and have different political preferences. They come from Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg and both parts of Berlin and together have a wide treasure trove of memories and experiences. What they have in common is that they were 14 years old when the wall came down. They had already had experience with the respective political system and they saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the transformation process as teenagers in their formative phase. Their memories of what was before 1989 are still fresh and they talk about it because they are free of responsibility, very unencumbered.
A video exhibition emerged from the extensive interviews with these 9 women and men, who are still young today. In the discussion about the legacy of division and the transformation process, in which the arguments discussed since 1989 are repeated, the people questioned offer pointed memories, fresh perspectives and refreshingly clear points of view. The respondents place their experiences and life courses in the context of the two political systems and the phase of growing together, which is chaotic, especially in the East. The result was a polyphonic picture of the past and present of the new Germany.
With the voices of these people, who experienced the process of upheaval and rediscovery in their private environment first hand and are now in the most active phase of their lives, the video exhibition opens up new perspectives on the history and the present of the country. Because this is where people speak who are rarely heard in public and media debates, but whose experiences make the transition between the past and the future better understood. They are an indispensable addition to today's discussions about the chances, breaks and losses of the growing together of East and West.

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