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Early works by Hal Busse

Kunsthaus Dahlem

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© Marcus Schneider, courtesy Galerie DIEHL
17.01.2019 19:00

Hal Busse (actually Hannelore Bendixen-Busse) is one of the few women artists who belong to the artistic avant-garde of postwar modernism. Committed primarily to painting in the 1950s, she appears at the end of the decade with sculptural works, nail paintings, surface reliefs and cube progressions. She exhibits together with Otto Piene and Heinz Mack with the artist group ZERO, but is also represented in exhibitions by the artists' associations Junger Westen and Gruppe 53. In doing so, she is part of those artistic circles which sought to liberate the art of the postwar period from its questionable legacy and set a new beginning in abstraction and non-objectivity.

Kunsthaus Dahlem
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14195 Berlin

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