The Court Gardners’ Museum in Glienicke Park

The Knowledge and Activities of the Prussian Court Gardners

Glienicke Villa

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Haun nach Schirmer: Der Gartenhof von Glienicke, 1837 © SPSG / Foto: Jörg P. Anders © SPSG / Foto: Jörg P. Anders

Gardens have always been places of relaxation that are spiritually uplifting. They are not only seen as a symbol of paradise lost, but also reflect various societal relationships. In all epochs gardens have served as representations of their owners, whose names are often closely linked with them.

In contrast, the gardeners involved with their creation and care are often less well known. It was precisely their comprehensive knowledge in all areas of horticulture and garden design that made it possible to come just a bit closer to the dream of paradise – manifested through the idea of the garden, its artistic forms and aesthetic implementation.

The Court Gardeners’ Museum in Glienicke Park is dedicated to the profession of the court gardener and its spectrum of practical and theoretical activities. Documents and exhibits from the court gardeners’ belongings illustrate the facets of horticultural work ranging from botanical drawing and surveying to floriculture; describe training paths and career opportunities; and point out the position’s elevated social status.

The Gallery of Prussian Court Gardeners presents an overview of their biographies and works alongside portraits and illustrations. In the Garden Hall at Glienicke Palace, 18th and 19th century vedute provide vivid impressions of the landscape during the lifetimes of the court gardeners.

Glienicke Villa
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