Inspiration Africa

A Continent Seen by German Sculptors in the 20th Century

Kunsthaus Dahlem

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Fritz Behn: Überfall, um 1913, Sammlung Karl H. Knauf, Berlin. Foto: Bayer & Mitko, Kunstauktionshaus Neumeister München Foto: Bayer & Mitko, Kunstauktionshaus Neumeister
13.06.2019 19:00

On June 13th, Kunsthaus Dahlem opens its exhibition »Inspiration Africa – A Continent Seen by German Sculptors in the 20th Century«. With over 30 sculptural works as well as photographs and ephemera, the show illustrates the fascination of German sculptors for the African and North-African continent. It starts off without the much addressed reception of primitivism in European modernism, but rather sets its focus on how German artists perceived the African persona. In the early 1910s and 1920s, the sculptural depiction is often a reflection of the patronizing and at times openly condescending rhetoric of colonialism. It also relates to the vocabulary and modes of representation of exotism and orientalism.

The exhibition includes works by both well-renowned and lesser known artists such as Fritz Behn, Karl Bobek, Bernhard Hoetger, Rudolf Maison, Jeanne Mammen, Gerhard Marcks, Emy Roeder, Walter von Ruckteschell, Eva Schwimmer, Gustav Seitz, Hans Wimmer, and Sophie Wolff.

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