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Whole, 2018, ©Victor Luque ©Victor Luque

Ever since photographer Nan Goldin started documenting her own life without any taboos in the 1980s, intimacy is one of the central topics in queer art. Here, the relationship between the public and the private is expressed in a distinctive way. Even though the making-public of intimacy can be risky for a queer minority, new forms of intimacy have constantly been rendered, especially in Berlin – from collective partying, over Darkroom-Sex, to polyamorous relationships. These realities are framed by medial and pharmacological processes. The digitization left its marks on those, as well as the medical narratives of HIV/AIDS, all the way to the current Covid 19 pandemic. The exhibition “Intimacy” will show ca. 30 positions of queer contemporary art on this topic: photography, painting, sculptures, video installations and film. Among others, with AA Bronson, Abel Burger, Elijah Burgher, Simon Fujiwara, Nan Goldin, Florian Hetz, Donna Huanca, Victor Luque, Michaela Melián, Slava Mogutin, Spyros Rennt, Paul Sepuya and Tejal Schah.

With funding from Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Gay Museum
Lützowstraße 73
10785 Berlin

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