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Paul Großmann - local historian and poet

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02.02.2020 14:00

On the occasion of the 675th anniversary of the first mentioning of Mahlsdorf on 25 January 2020, the special exhibition is dedicated to the poet and local chronicler Paul Großmann (1865 - 1939), who had lived in Mahlsdorf since the turn of the century. In addition to his profession as chief administrative inspector, he actively participated in the life of the Mahlsdorf community until his death. In 1906 he was elected as a candidate of the Liberal Civic Association to the Mahlsdorf parish council, where he worked until 1912.
He made a special contribution as a local history researcher. In addition to numerous publications on the local history of Mahlsdorf, his work also includes the publication of the Mahlsdorf municipal law during the imperial era and research on Kaulsdorf, Biesdorf, Hönow, Friedrichsfelde and Karlshorst. In 1913 he made historical finds and other objects and documents available for the establishment of a local school museum in Mahlsdorf. Since 1934 Paul Großmann was representative for Mahlsdorf in the Heimatkundliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lichtenberg.
His great passion was poetry: almost all his writings contain small poems written by him that describe events or places. He also wrote suitable verses for anniversaries, celebrations and commemorative publications. Paul Großmann became famous as the author of the hit Two Dark Eyes, to which Carl Heins wrote the music. More than 140 of his song texts were set to music, among others by Paul Lincke.
In addition to original editions of his writings on Mahlsdorf, the exhibition also presents note sheets with lyrics. Sound recordings, postcards and records bear witness to Großmann's supra-regional popularity.

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