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© Martha Cooper
Skeme, Bronx, NYC, 1982 © Martha Cooper
Victoria Tomaschko
View into the exhibition space of Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures
Victoria Tomaschko
Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures
Victoria Tomaschko

Combining photographs and personal artifacts, "Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures" traces her life from her first camera in nursery school in 1946 to her reputation today as a world-renowned photographer. The retrospective presents the photographer’s versatile vision of the world, with creativity found on every corner. The exhibition opens with the images from Subway Art, her landmark 1984 book with Henry Chalfant, now credited with jump-starting the worldwide urban art movement. Martha’s photographs documented the secret subculture of writers and the coded artworks they created illegally on thousands of New York City trains. Many of her photographs have become iconic representations of a time, place or culture. The exhibition will offer a rare insight into Martha’s archives through previously unpublished photographs, drawings, journals, articles, letters, and artifacts. As a lifelong and avid collector, her private trove of black books, stickers, Kodak film wallets and child-made toys will also be on display. Emphasis is placed on Martha’s extensive travels and the artistic friendships that she has fostered internationally.

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