Neuköllner War Children

Video installation by Ina Rommee in cooperation with Stefan Krauss

Neukölln Museum

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v.l.o.n.r.u. Ingrid Hannemann, Peter Werth, Hildegard Wenzel, Wolfgang Lenk, Stanislaw Karol Kubicki †, Georg Weise, Margot Sharma, Günter Warnecke © Stefan Krauss © Stefan Krauss
10.01.2020 19:00

In the video installation, historical time-witnesses report on their Berlin childhood at the end of the Second World War in Neukölln. It was created as a project by media artist Ina Rommee in collaboration with photographer Stefan Krauss over a period of several years. The interview partners are given the opportunity to share their very personal memories. Between the ages of four and seventeen, they experienced the horrors of the last years of the war and represent a whole generation of young people in Germany. Their stories range from very conscious memories and detailed descriptions to subjective feelings that they associate with war experiences. These are sometimes very emotional, sometimes frighteningly sober. The vivid descriptions of the suffering they have experienced create an empathic understanding for other people in need.

When entering the room, the visitors of the video installation are related to a virtual conference. Eight screens mounted in a semicircle give the impression of a round table. Since the screens are at eye level, an immediate spatial presence is created that creates a visual proximity to the interview partners inside. In the multi-channel video installation, the individual sequences of the narrators are combined to form an interwoven narration. It becomes a "dense narrative" (Clifford Geertz), which serves to convey the contents particularly deeply. The video installation "Neuköllner Kriegskinder" succeeds in presenting a central theme of the German culture of remembrance in an artistically sophisticated way. In a sensitive way, it opens up access to a widely suppressed chapter of German history.

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