Ötzi – The man from the ice

An exhibition in cooperation with the Neanderthal Museum and GEO

Britz Palace – Manor Home, Park & Country Estate

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Ötzi, Rekonstruktion, Sonderausstellung Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz

From 20.11.2018 to 17.02.2019 Schloss Britz, in cooperation with the Neanderthal Museum and GEO, presents the history of the legendary glacier corpse.

In 1991 a couple of mountaineers found this freeze-dried corpse. This discovery caused a stir both in science and the public, because the world had never seen such a well-preserved human body and equipment from the Neolithic Age at the transition to the Copper Age. Today everyone knows the world's oldest fully preserved mummy under its nickname "Ötzi".

At the centre of the exhibition is a lifelike figure of Ötzi, including clothing and equipment. In 1996 he was reconstructed in detail for the first time according to scientific findings. GEO awarded this contract to the renowned demoplastic Elisabeth Daynès. All the equipment found in the mummy was also rebuilt step by step from original materials and last renewed in 2015 on the basis of the latest research results. The selection of the various raw materials and their processing illustrates the material knowledge and technical skills of the man from the Hauslabjoch.

The exhibition reveals to the public the eventful life and mysterious death of a man at the end of the Neolithic Age. Ötzi's extensive equipment such as his hatchet with a copper blade, a dagger made of flintstone, a bow with quiver, etc. bear witness to his circumstances.

The mysterious circumstances of Ötzi's death, however, also constitute a large part of his fascination. Thanks to the good preservation of the corpse, there are many indications of the way in which Ötzi probably died unnaturally. Defensive injuries and the wound caused by an arrow shot provide clear information about the last hours of a man on the run, which were marked by violence. As in a crime story, the cruel fate of this man gradually becomes apparent.

The exhibition is accompanied by a guided tour programme, especially for children.

Britz Palace – Manor Home, Park & Country Estate
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