Orange over White

Daniel Sambo-Richter – Paintwork


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© Daniel Sambo-Richter, Zitadelle Berlin

In the exhibition "Orange over White" by the artist Daniel Sambo-Richter an eight-metre large picture fills the central wall of the exhibition space. With this picture is the basic idea of the exhibition. That the entire
The work spanning the width of the wall is a huge wall of ice, which offers the viewer a is denied any view. The picture cannot be grasped in its entirety. The distance to the picture allows the viewer to view the picture as a section of a landscape
which, however, when approached closely, turns into a pure abstract surface is disintegrating. Beyond the representation of an ice landscape, it is about pure painting. Colour, rhythm, form. The viewer should lose himself completely in the picture.
On the level of content, the viewer is confronted with a landscape of ruins, which decay of an originally self-contained system.
This is what the exhibition is about: Around the world as a ruin. Broken, decayed, Resolution.
A series worked on paper continues this theme. It points to black and white reduced sections of volcanic eruptions, fires and lava flows, gloomy
and ominous, yet powerful and energetic. Compression and potential for New. The drawings in this series, although they are in a spectrum of black
and grey colours thematise the opposite of ice: fire.
The exhibition also includes older works in intense yellow, orange and black and red tones represent fires. Burning forests, burning houses.
Some of the works in the exhibition expand the overall context to
irrational moment, which under the dystopian and ominous scenery, a actual mystical/magical events can be recognized.

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