East Berlin's Coming Out

Fighting for queer spaces

Gay Museum

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17.12.2020 19:30

Starting in the 1980s, more and more gay, lesbian, trans* and bisexual people organized within the borders of the GRD. They demanded own spaces, fought for recognition and participation, and advocated for their own rights. Especially the scene in east Berlin was diverse: at some times gay, lesbian, trans* and bisexual people celebrated together, at others they did separately, there were hiking groups and artist collectives. Also, the political positions on the GRD, and later the political changes starting in 1989/1990, ranged quite a bit. People met up in oppositional church communities, isolated club houses and the bars that welcomed each respective group – or, in the case of a lack thereof, in their living rooms.

In the 1990s, most of these spaces disappeared, often together with the groups that fought for them. The exhibition “East Berlin’s Coming Out” wants to make them visible again. It shows the history of the GRD from a different angle: it is about lesbians and gays in church, transsexual discussion forums, beard-groups and much more.

Curators: Lotte Thaa, Birga U. Meyer

Supported with funds from the Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur

Gay Museum
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