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C/O Berlin

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Anonym, A Parody of the Iconic 1989 Tiananmen Square Photo of a Chinese Protester Confronting Government Tanks, 2013, Tank-Man- Meme Tank-Man-Meme

An immense wave of images crashes against the exhibition wall in C/O Berlin. In his installation 24HRS in Photos, the Dutch artist Erik Kessels forces visitors to wade through a sea of 350,000 wildly scattered standard photo prints. They represent the mass of images uploaded onto the image sharing site Flickr in one day fifteen years ago. Now, the digital mountain of images on Instagram and Facebook grows by many millions of snapshots each day. Photography has always been a social medium shared with others. But why do people communicate with each other using images? The thematic exhibition Send me an Image . From Postcards to Social Media traces the development of photography as a means of communication from the nineteenth century to its current digital incarnation. The focus is on the dialogue between historical forms of traveling images and contemporary artists from the 1970s onwards. The transformation of photography from an illustrative medium to one of society’s most significant means of communicating today is explored alongside global phenomena such as censorship and algorithms. Today, images shared via social media not only spread rapidly but can also take on an independent newsworthiness and as “pure” messages can even spark different kinds of protests. The social dimension of image communication is a second area of focus in Send me an Image . From Postcards to Social Media at C/O Berlin, curated by Felix Hoffmann und Dr. Kathrin Schönegg. A catalogue accompanying the exhibition will be published by Steidl Verlag.

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