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The permanent exhibition “Topography of Terror: Gestapo, SS and Reich Security Main Office on Wilhelm- and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße” focuses on the central institutions of the SS and police during the “Third Reich” and the crimes that they committed throughout Europe. With the help of mostly photographic material on a “ribbon of panels” and documents (facsimiles) presented at subject-oriented lecterns, visitors are led through the major themes of the exhibition’s five main segments: The National Socialist Takeover of Power (I); Institutions of Terror (SS and Police) (II); Terror, Persecution and Extermination on Reich Territory (III); SS and Reich Security Main Office in the Occupied Countries (IV); and The End of the War and the Postwar Era (V). Computer stations and reading folders provide in-depth information, often addressing subjects beyond the scope of the exhibition.

Opening hours,

  • Monday-Sunday 10:00 - 20:00

The outdoor grounds are accessible until dusk (not later than 20:00).

Documentation Centre has been open again since 22 May.

To enter you need a free ticket for a set time slot: Book a free ticket (Museumsdienst Berlin)

The certificate of a negative test result (not older than 24 hours) or the certificate of a final corona vaccination (at least 14 days ago) is required for admission. You can find an overview of the Berlin test sites and centers here: Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality

  • 1. January closed
  • 24. December closed
  • 31. December closed


Topography of Terror
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Topography of Terror

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