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Vivian Suter, studio view, Panajachel, Guatemala, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels. Photo: David Regen. Courtesy Vivian Suter & Gladstone Gallery, NY/Brüssel. Foto: David Regen
12.09.2020 11:00

The exhibition by the Argentinan-Swiss artist Vivian Suter (born 1949 in Buenos Aires, lives and works in Panajachel, Guatemala) marks the first time that the Brücke-Museum’s collection will enter into direct dialogue with a contemporary artist. In this immersive presentation, Suter juxtaposes her free-hanging canvases with paintings and craft works by the artists’ group Brücke.

The works from the Brücke-Museum’s collection were selected by the artist Elisabeth Wild (born 1922 in Vienna; died 2020 in Panajachel, Guatemala), Vivian Suter’s mother. A series of her small-format collages will also be on view. The encounter between Suter’s exhibition presentation and the works of the Brücke group opens up new perspectives on Suter’s oeuvre and the museum’s collection.

The exhibition opening will take place during Berlin Art Week (9–13 September 2020).

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