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5Rhythms®: Conscious Dance Workshop


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Carmen Alvarez

5Rhythms, a conscious dance method, was developed by Gabrielle Roth at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, in the 1960s. Themes of the summer of love exhibition will inspire the workshop. Via body awareness, flow of breath, creative expression, and surrender in motion, we´ll invite intuitive dance, heart opening, and expansion of consciousness—liberating and drug free. 5Rhythms, Flowing-Staccato-Chaos-Lyrical-Stillness, follow the organic flow of energy to experience essential aspects of energy and expression. After a short introduction into the exhibition, 5Rhythms® teacher Irene Husung will guide body intuition and invite the joy of connection in motion —“people in motion,” to quote the famous song “San Francisco.” “Dance In” welcomes everybody; no prerequisites, just comfortable clothes and barefoot if possible.

In cooperation with 5Rhythms®

Unter den Linden 5
10117 Berlin

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Summer of Love
Duration: 20.06.2019 till 28.10.2019

+49 (30) 20 20 93 0
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+49 (30) 20 20 93 11
26. October 2019
16:00 till 18:00
15,00 €
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12,00 €

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