Long Night of Ideas

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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Laura Fiorio/HKW

On the Long Night of Ideas, actors in foreign cultural and educational policy present the diversity of Berlin’s cultural landscape. At HKW visitors can trace international histories of the Bauhaus in the bauhaus imaginista exhibition.

To launch the program, art historian Mona Schieren will offer a guided tour of the exhibition and shed light on how alternative forms of knowledge production were created at the school. Barrier-free educational programs in German then make the exhibition accessible to deaf, visually impaired and blind visitors and at the same time provide new access to sighted and hearing people. A team of young art educators will be available in the exhibition throughout the evening for conversations about the exhibition contents. Visitors can ask them individual and targeted questions, discuss contents that especially interest them, or be given a brief introduction to the central questions of the chapter based on exemplary objects.

6 pm
Thematic Guided Tour with Mona Schieren: The Other Knowledge of the Bauhaus
In German

Since its founding the Bauhaus was interested in other forms of knowledge. Thus the materiality of things was inscribed in its production of knowledge. The artists learned from each other through their collaborations. How did the Bauhaus depart from the hierarchization of manual and non-rational knowledge over academic knowledge? How did Amerindian artifacts and Mesoamerican textiles inspire Bauhaus immigrants? And how much of the Bauhaus heritage is in what was created outside the curriculum, for example at parties? How does it still influence contemporary art?

Mona Schieren is an art historian who teaches the theory and history of art at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen. She is a member of the German Research Foundation’s network on Entangled Histories of Art and Migration: Forms, Visibilities, Agents and has published works on, for instance, Agnes Martin, Fiber Art and Lenore Tawney. Her most recent publication, Re: BUNKER. Erinnerungskulturen – Analogien – Technoide Mentalitäten, co-edited with Katrin von Maltzahn, appeared in February 2019.

Special for people in wheelchairs
Special for deaf people
Special for blind people
English, German

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin

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bauhaus imaginista
Duration: 15.03.2019 till 10.06.2019

+49 (30) 39 78 70
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6. June 2019
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