Summer of Fashion

Fashion Vacation Workshop (12–16 Years Old)


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Mathias Schormann

Miniskirts and bell-bottoms, flowers in the hair and necklaces, batik, patchwork, and jeans—the fashion of the hippies and the flower power movement was varied and colorful. The many items of clothing in the summer of love exhibition will be explored. What is special about them and are they still hip, or back in style, today? At the peak of the hippie movement in 1967 fashion was also a protest, reflecting a political or social attitude and a sign of freedom. Women expressed their desire for self-determination, and with the reuse of old materials upcycling was born. In the group, the function of clothing will be discussed and then you can design your own T-shirts, necklaces, or buttons, which will be presented in a fashion show concluding the event. Don’t forget to bring a lunch packet with you!

In cooperation with Galeries Lafayette

Special for youth (aged 13 years)

Unter den Linden 5
10117 Berlin

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Summer of Love
Duration: 20.06.2019 till 28.10.2019

+49 (30) 20 20 93 0
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+49 (30) 20 20 93 11
16. October 2019
10:00 till 16:00
20,00 €

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