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Digital Accessibility Statement

The digital accessibility declaration is required by the Berlin Accessible Information and Communication Technology Act (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility result from the BITV 2.0. This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the website

When was the accessibility statement created?

This declaration was created or revised on 21.07.2021. The technical audit of accessibility was carried out by the institution listed above. (The statement is based on a self-assessment.)

How accessible is the offer?

The website is largely compatible with the requirements of BITV 2.0. We are endeavouring to continuously reduce remaining barriers and to eliminate them as far as possible.

Disproportionate burden

Subareas that are not designed to be barrier-free, as it would be a disproportionate burden. (BIKTG Bln §4 paragraph 3)

Subsection: Alternative texts for graphics and object (external content)
Description: A large proportion of the non-linked graphics and images obtained from external sources are not provided with alternative texts. This primarily concerns graphics and images of exhibitions and events of the museums.
Explanation of why there is disproportionate burden: The Museumsportal Berlin obtains external data on exhibitions and events from two sources: Data is imported automatically via interfaces of some museums and, in addition, entered independently by the editors of the approximately 200 participating museums. Editorial control of these very extensive amounts of data by the editorial staff of the Museumsportal Berlin is not feasible and therefore represents a disproportionate burden. The editorial team of the Museumsportal Berlin continues to draw the attention of the participating institutions to the necessity of assigning alternative texts for graphics and objects.

Who can you contact with comments or questions about digital accessibility?

Contact the contact person at Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH | Museumsportal Berlin:
Julia Böhmler
Phone: +49 30 247 49-855

Contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility

We will endeavour to respond to your enquiries within a reasonable time. If you do not receive a response or are dissatisfied with all or part of the response, you can contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility:
link to contact form
Further information on the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility