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Berliner S-Bahn-Museum, Blick in die Ausstellung © Berliner S-Bahn-Museum © Berliner S-Bahn-Museum

The constant modernisation of Berlin's S-Bahn network – including all of its trains, routes and infrastructure – means that technical devices are forever being replaced, stops re-named and schedules changed. As a result of this process, numerous items end up disappearing from daily life on Berlin public transport. Members of the Berlin Passenger Association (Berliner Fahrgastverband IGEB) have been collecting these discarded items since 1980, and in 1997 they found a new home at the Berlin S-Bahn Museum (Berliner S-Bahn Museum) located in a former S-Bahn sub-station at Griebnitzsee. This location used to house large transformers and rectifiers that supplied power to the city's S-Bahn network.
The exhibition at the Berlin S-Bahn Museum focuses mainly on the technology involved in S-Bahn commuter trains, highlighting different types of signals, ticket printers and track profiles. For example, visitors can examine an electromechanical signal box in detail. The exhibition also provides unique insights into Berlin's cultural and social history by means of signs containing the former names of train stations and the workspace of an S-Bahn employee. Info boards document the history of the Berlin S-Bahn and also examine divergent developments in East and West Berlin.
A number of items – such as the drive simulator – are still in good working order and can be tried out by visitors themselves.

Berlin S-Bahn Museum
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 203
14482 Potsdam

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Closed from December 2016 until further notice.

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