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Berlin's U-Bahn Museum moved to its new home in a former Olympic Stadium substation in 1997. This electromechanical switching station was the largest of its kind in Europe from its commissioning in 1931 up until its decommissioning in 1983. Roughly 616 U-Bahn lines and 99 signals were monitored and controlled from here.
Historical U-Bahn tickets serve as entrance passes and are handed out at an old-fashioned U-Bahn ticket counter at the museum's entrance. Over 100 years of Berlin U-Bahn history is documented here via old ticket machines, historical uniforms, badges and U-Bahn schedules dating back to 1936. A service room for train dispatchers from the 1950s and a number of different work tools provide insights into what it was like to work in U-Bahn tunnels. However, the main focus of the exhibition lies on the technical equipment involved in U-Bahn operations, all of which is still in working condition at the museum. This includes different types of signal boxes, a historical clock station, ticket dispensers from U-Bahn trains dating back to 1901, train radio units, a diagnostic computer for train maintenance and a signal block from 1931.
The more than 30 underground trains restored by the AG Berliner U-Bahn – the oldest train dates back to 1902 – are not on display due to a lack of space. However, at least one of the old trains is used for special trips on special occasions.


Eingangshalle des U-Bahnhofs Olympia-Stadion, Rossitter Platz 1, 14053 Berlin


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Admission price

2,00 €

Reduced price

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Kinder unter 12 Jahren

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+49 (30) 25 62 71 71