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Foto: R. Hoffmann
Wandanlage 1967 bestehend aus L 450 Flachlautsprecher, 1965 / TG 502 Tonbandgerät, 1967 / TS 45 Steuergerät, 1964. D. Rams. Foto: R. Hoffmann
TG 550 Tonbandgerät, 1968. D. Rams. Foto:
Blick auf die Präsenzbibliothek. Foto:
Blick auf die Plakatwand. Foto:
G 12 Plattenspieler, 1956. H. Gugelot / W. Wagenfeld und G 11 Tischsuper, 1955. H. Gugelot. Foto:
KF 21 Aromaster, 1976. F. Seiffert / H. Kahlcke. Foto:

Lovers of product design can discover in this former gallery in Moabit almost all the products developed by electrical goods manufacturer Braun from 1930 to 2000, ranging from pocket calculators to tabletop cigarette lighters, lemon presses to shaving equipment, televisions to stereo systems. The former art educator Werner Ettel has lovingly built up this collection and founded an association specially to look after it. In contrast to conventional museums, the objects are not exhibited in glass cases but set out on tables or piled on top of each other against the walls. They are displayed not as design icons but as groups of exhibits in various different variants of form and colour. This trains the visitor’s eye to spot aesthetic and practical details and to trace the historic development of utility products – especially when the appliances are switched on by the association members who are on hand and only too willing to chat with you. The exhibits include famous design classics such as the Phonosuper SK 4 designed by Hans Gugelot, Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Dieter Rams; commonly known as “Snow White‘s Coffin”, this was the first record player that did not disappear inside a music cabinet but showed off its technical side in a way that was as simple as it was aesthetic. Many of the solutions on show here are reminiscent of Apple devices – indeed, the round tuning dial of the 1958 T3 pocket radio was the inspiration behind the first iPod.

Opening hours,

  • Monday 11:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday-Saturday closed
  • Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

Special appointments for school classes and university groups are possible.


Elberfelder Straße 37, 10555 Berlin


+49 (030) 33 77 63 87




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R. Hoffmann

Unterhaltungselektronik 1950-1990