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Association for the Documentation of Women's Art

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Das Verborgene Museum

The (das) Verborgene Museum (literally the "hidden" museum) is the only museum of its kind in the world: it deals exclusively and programmatically with the public presentation and scholarly evaluation of the life's work of female artists who – for whatever reason – have been all but forgotten.
Since being founded in 1986, the Verborgene Museum has showcased the oeuvre of roughly 100 female artists with the help of several exhibitions and publications. Indeed, scientific publications create the basis for inclusion in the overall academic discourse as well as for serious consideration on art markets. The association behind the museum has generated a strong network based on national and international connections with museums, archives, universities, gallery operators, estate executors and the general public. In turn, this network has helped bring forgotten female artists and their often scattered estates to light. Among the artists who have been re-introduced are Gertrud Arndt, Dorothy Bohm, Ida Gerhardi, Marta Hegemann, Lily Hildebrandt, Lotte Jacobi, Lotte Laserstein, Käthe Loewenthal, Else Lohmann, Marie Vassilieff, Hilde Weström, Eva Besnyö, Frieda Riess and Yva (Else Neulaender-Simon).

The Verborgene Museum
Schlüterstraße 70
10625 Berlin

+49 (30) 313 36 56
+49 (30) 861 34 64
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Monday -Wednesday
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Saturday -Sunday
12:00 - 16:00
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