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Ansicht der Ausstellung, Saucenpodest © Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin © Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin

Opened in 2009, the German Currywurst Museum Berlin (Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin) explores the world of that famous Berlin dish known as "Currywurst". The museum is home to an interactive exhibition that provides visitors with information and entertainment focusing on the popular sausage specialty over roughly 650 square metres.  
Visitors follow a stream of red curry sauce on a path to the ultimate in Currywurst-related knowledge, including an introduction to Herta Heuwer, the woman credited with inventing Currywurst at the end of the 1940s. A three-dimensional city map shows how the culture of the "Imbiss" (snack stand) has expanded in Berlin since then. The museum also has "smelling stations" and a "spice chamber" devoted to the individual ingredients involved in curry mixtures and their origins. There's a walk-in snack stand where visitors can go behind the scenes and stand at tables complete with listening stations featuring songs and conversations all relating to the "Imbiss" theme. The museum also presents different food types and examines questions on environmentally friendly dinnerware. The Currywurst panorama is rounded out by film clips and a documentary.  
The entrance to the museum contains a shop area as well as a real food stand where visitors can try out the most popular types of Currywurst and their sauces.

Please note: German Currywurst Museum Berlin is permanently closed since 21 December 2018.

German Currywurst Museum Berlin
Schützenstraße 70
10117 Berlin

+49 (30) 88 71 86 47
+49 (30) 88 71 86 59
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Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin is permanently closed since 21 December 2018.

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"Currywurst in the cup".
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