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Energie-Museum Berlin
© Wikimedia Commons. Foto: GUMPi
© Wikimedia Commons. Foto: Assenmacher

The Friends of the Berlin Collection of Historic Plant Parts and Electricity and Heating Supply Technology were founded on 10 May 2001 by Bewag (Berliner Elektrizitätswerke AG). This non-profit association runs the Berlin Museum of Energy in the former battery storage plant on the site of the former Steglitz thermal power station. The museum displays the development of energy supply technology and illustrates its links with ‘Elektropolis’ Berlin. It is especially intended for getting young people interested in energy supply technology. The Museum of Energy is dedicated to various technologies including power station technology, grid technology, public street lighting, communications technology, measurement technology, workplace safety and application technology. The management board and all the staff at the Museum of Energy are volunteers, which means that you can only visit the museum after making a telephone appointment. For guided tours, the museum chooses the staff best able in each case to match visitors’ specific interests.


Opening hours,

Based on appointment

The museum has no fixed opening times. Visits are only possible after prior agreement. Small groups of up to 5 people may be offered guided tours provided the required safety distance and nose / mouth protection are observed. If you are interested, please use the contact form on the museum's website to make an appointment..


Teltowkanalstraße 9, 12247 Berlin


+49 (30) 70 17 77 55


+49 (30) 70 17 77 57



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Free entrance



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