Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial

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Zellengang im „U-Boot“ der ehemaligen Haftanstalt © Gedenkstätte HSH © Gedenkstätte HSH

The Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial (Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen) is found at a site that is associated like no other with the 44-year history of political persecution in the Soviet occupied zone and the GDR. A special Soviet camp was set up here at the end of WWII, and in 1946 it became the central Soviet prison in Germany. In 1951, the Ministry for State Security (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit or "Stasi") took over the prison, expanded it and used it until 1989 as a central detention centre. Thousands of political prisoners were locked up here, including almost all of the most famous GDR opponents.
The memorial was erected in 1994. Seeing as large parts of the building and its equipment have been preserved, it conveys an authentic image of the prison regime in the GDR. On guided tours, it's usually former prisoners themselves who take visitors through the prison and report on the conditions and interrogation methods of the GDR state security service.

Since the fall of 2013, a permanent exhibition using items, historical photographs and media stations informs about Hohenschönhausen prison and the system of political persecution in the GDR.

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial
Genslerstraße 66
13055 Berlin

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As of Monday, March 15, 2021, the permanent and special exhibitions at the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial can be visited again. After prior registration, visitors will receive a one-hour time slot between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., starting on the hour for the permanent exhibition and on the last quarter of the hour for the special exhibition. Admission is free.

Guided tours of the former detention center cannot yet resume. Alternatively, the memorial offers numerous digital educational opportunities for school groups.

Please pre-register at [email protected] or by phone at 030 / 98608230.

Health and safety precautions apply throughout the memorial area.

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6,00 €

Guided tours. Exhibitions free.

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3,00 €

School students: 1,00 €

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