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In its origins, the Gipsformerei (Replica Workshop) is inextricably linked and indebted to several important Berlin sculptors of the 19th century, men such as Christian Daniel Rauch, Ludwig Wilhelm Wichmann, and Christian Friedrich Tieck. Casts of antiquities held in the royal palaces in Potsdam were produced in their studios. After the founding of the Royal Museums in Berlin (precursor of today’s Staatliche Museen), a decision was taken to create a collection of plaster casts specifically for the Berlin museums, something which significantly expanded the ambit of the newly founded replica workshop and raised its profile among the general public. From this point on, the acquisitions policy switched from purely focussing on the purchase of completed casts to including moulds that subsequently facilitated the sale of museum replicas to private individuals.

Since its founding the Gipsformerei has collected some 7000 objects, making it the largest institution of its kind in the world. What makes the Gipsformerei so unique is not just its special collection of original museum casts, but the wealth of expertise and the skilled craftsmanship of its staff who produce these masterpieces.

The entire collection of moulds, many of which are themselves well over a century old, is essentially available to individual requests for art replicas. No matter whether the work in question is a seal only a few centimetres in length or a larger than life-size figure ensemble, such as the Farnese Bull or the Laocoön Group: our staff are on hand to painstakingly produce on request all objects contained in the mould collection.

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The number of visitors is limited, taking into account the spatial capacities. All visitors from 6 years of age are obliged to wear a mouth-and-nose cover, keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres, follow the signposted tours and avoid group formations in the rooms.

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