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Berlin-Mahlsdorf, Gründerzeitmuseum
© Wikimedia Commons, Foto: Ktmd
Charlotte von Mahlsdorf
Foto: Monika Uelze
Neogotisches Zimmer
Foto: Lion GmbH
Grüner Damensalon
Foto: FotoLion GmbH

The Gründerzeit was the so-called "Founder Epoch" that took place in the 19th century in Germany. The collection belonging to the Gründerzeitmuseum was compiled by Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (1928–2002). In 1960, she opened a museum in a manor house that had been built in 1815 in the eastern Berlin district of Mahlsdorf. In 1997, she moved to Sweden with a large part of her collection. After her death, her collection was returned to Berlin.
On a tour through the manor house, visitors are taken through eleven fully furnished rooms dating from 1870 to 1900. The charm of the collection is that it comprises imposing, industrially manufactured furniture, cast-iron stoves, grandfather clocks, mirrors as well as many small, everyday objects. For example, the kitchen features a stove and an ice box but also a full set of commonly used kitchen appliances dating back to 1900. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf was a museum conservator by profession, and a special area of her collection is formed by the "music machines" presented as part of the tour: these range from music boxes, phonographs and gramophones to self-playing pianolas and precursors of the Jukebox.
The interior of the legendary "Mulackritze" bar from Berlin's Scheunenviertel district was completely rebuilt in the basement of the museum. The manor home also features a beautiful park restored to the state it was in at the end of the 19th century.


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Admission price

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