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Museum Lichtenberg im Stadthaus © Museum Lichtenberg © Museum Lichtenberg

In 2006, the Lichtenberg Museum opened its permanent exhibition in the former City Hall of Boxhagen-Rummelsburg. On display in the former remise are objects taken from everyday farm and village life. At the former coach house, the museum documents the emergence of Lichtenberg as an important industrial site in the last third of the 19th century. In the realm of the 20thcentury, the museum focuses on the important historical events that took place in Lichtenberg: the defeat of the November Revolution in 1919 on Frankfurter Allee, the destruction of the revolution monument created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe by the Nazis on the Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde in 1935, the official end of WWII signed in Karlshorst and the occupation and dissolution of the GDR's Ministry for State Security ("Stasi") on Magdalenenstraße in 1990.
Regular special exhibitions are on display on the upper floor. The museum has a library and an archive, and they also offer events, such as "witness discussions" and city tours, as well as educational programmes and research projects for children and young adults. 

Please note: Due to the establishment of a new permanent exhibition, the museum is closed.


Lichtenberg Museum at the Stadthaus
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Due to the establishment of a new permanent exhibition, the museum is closed since 7 October 2019. The reopening is scheduled for spring 2021. The archive is also closed. For urgent questions please call 030-57 79 73 88 18.

Until the opening of the new permanent exhibition, you are cordially invited to visit two special exhibitions in the building from 6 September 2020.

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