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© Friedhelm Hoffmann
Museum Neukölln, 2019
Foto Friedhelm Hoffmann
© Florian von Ploetz
Foyer des Museums
© Florian von Ploetz
Blick in den Geschichtsspeicher
Foto: Bruno Braun
© Florian von Ploetz
Besucher*innen in der Ausstellung "99 x Neukölln"
© Museum Neukölln
Experimentelle Archäologie mit Schülerinnen
© Florian von Ploetz
Jugentheaterprojekt auf dem Festival "Neukölln Open", 2018
© Friedhelm Hoffmann
Ausstellung "Mythos Vinyl. Die Ära der Schallplatte", 2014
© Friedhelm Hoffmann
Ausstellung "Die sieben Tische. Gastkultur in Neukölln", 2015
© Friedhelm Hoffmann
Ausstellung "Die Magie des Lesens", 2016
© Friedhelm Hoffmann
Ausstellung "Amar Al Beik: Lost Images Berlin / Damaskus", 2017
© Florian von Ploetz
Besucher in der Ausstellung "Die Sache mit der Religion", 2017
© Friedhelm Hoffmann
Ausstellung "In guten Händen. Handwerk in Neukölln", 2019

The Neukölln Museum is an institution affiliated with the Neukölln Cultural Office. It sees itself as a modern, innovative local museum and as a lively exchange point for all the different segments and generations of people living in Neukölln. Up until 2009, the museum put on annual alternating exhibitions examining the area's financial, social and cultural history on Ganghoferstraße in central Neukölln. Since 2010, the museum has presented its permanent exhibition “99 x Neukölln” in Gutshof Britz, a converted and expanded historic cultural centre. The exhibition forges new ground in the presentation and exchange of information by using 99 objects that represent the diverse chapters of the district's history alongside computer terminals containing different levels of information. In addition, the museum also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions containing photographs and artistic works on historical and contemporary themes.

The top floor of the former stable has been converted into an historical archive and storage depot. Here, interested visitors can research the history of the area. The museum places a great emphasis on working with teenagers and children, offering special workshops and tours for them. The Neukölln Mobile Museum is also active in different parts of the district. 

Opening hours,

  • Monday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00
  • 1. January closed
  • 24. December closed
  • 25. December closed
  • 26. December closed
  • 31. December closed


Alt-Britz 81, Gutshof Britz, 12359 Berlin


+49 (30) 62 72 77-727



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Foto: Friedhelm Hoffmann / Museum Neukölln

99 x Neukölln

The permanent exhibition at Museum Neukölln




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