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Düppel Historic Village (Museumsdorf Düppel) covers roughly 12 hectares of space and is home to a reconstructed village from the Middle Ages, including homes, granaries, workshops, wells, fields and gardens. The post-built houses stand on the site of a former settlement that dates back to 1200 and was uncovered here in 1967. It is estimated that the settlement was used for roughly 30 years, after which time the settlers moved on.
The village also functions as an archeological test centre that performs research into medieval life and re-breeds species so as to maintain them as gene resources. For example, they engage in crop rotation, cultivate old traditions and wild plants, and prevent breeds of domestic animals from going extinct. Other homes and granaries are being built step by step using techniques taken from the Middle Ages.
The open-air museum, which was built in 1975, is open to visitors from Easter to early October. On several Sundays and holidays, members of the association present medieval crafts, such as pottery, weaving, basket weaving and tar making. The museum village also organises bird-watching walking tours, tours (for school classes, too), children's festivals and markets.

Düppel Historic Village
Clauertstraße 11
14163 Berlin

+49 (30) 80 49 60 64
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Monday -Friday
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10:00 - 18:00

Saison 2021: 27.03.2021 - 24.10.2021
Sa + So + Feiertage + Schulferien* | 10 – 18 Uhr
(*29.03.–10.04. | 24.06.–06.08. | 11.10.–23.10.)

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