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(c) SPK/ Trutschel
Orgelkonzert im MIM
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Eingang des Musikinstrumenten-Museums von der Ben Gurion Straße aus
(c) Musikinstrumenten-Museum SPK Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
(c) SPK/ Trutschel
Kinder im MIM
(c) SIMPK / Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
Ausstellungsraum des MIM
Foto: bbr
Foto: bbr
(c) SIMPK / Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
Stummfilmnacht im MIM

The Museum of Musical Instruments of the National Institute for Music Research (Musikinstrumenten-Museum des Staatlichen Instituts für Musikforschung) collects and displays instruments of European art music (“Kunstmusik”) from the 16th century to the present and allows visitors to hear them played in concerts and tours. Roughly 800 of the 3,000 or so instruments drawn from the collection founded in 1888 are on display.

One unique highlight is the Naumburger wind instrument collection, a nearly complete range of instruments originating from a central German city pipers group from 1600. Included in this collection are early harpsichords and spinets, some from the Ruckers family workshop, and the famous Bach cembalo and its replica. Visitors can see a number of delightful items, including stringed instruments from European masters such as Stradivarius, Gagliano, Stainer and Krouchdaler, woodwind instruments from Hotteterre, Denner, Quantz and others, a  portable harpsichord belonging to Queen Sophie-Charlotte of Prussia, transverse flutes belonging to Friedrich II, Carl Maria von Weber's pianoforte, an English church organ from John Gray's workshop and Europe's largest cinema and theatre organ, the four-manual “Mighty Wurlitzer”, which is played regularly in concerts.

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  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday-Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
  • Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
  • Friday 09:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday-Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

The museum reopens on 1 June 2021.

  • 3. October 2021 10:00 - 17:00
  • 24. December 2021 closed
  • 25. December 2021 closed
  • 26. December 2021 10:00 - 17:00
  • 31. December 2021 closed
  • 1. January 2022 closed


Ben-Gurion-Straße, 10785 Berlin


+49 (30) 254 81-178


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Admission price 6,00 €

Kulturforum all exhibitions: 12,00 €

Reduced price 3,00 €

Kulturforum all exhibitions: 6,00 €


(c) SIMPK / Foto: Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
Orgelpositiv from Germany (detail, around 1600)

Sound. Art. Construction

Organs of the Berliner Musikinstrumenten-Museum

Foto: Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
Viola da Gamba by Gregorius Karpp, Königsberg 1693 (detail)

Permanent Exhibition of the Berlin Museum of Musical Instruments


(c) Arthur Bauernfeind
Paul Schwingenschlögl

Museum of Musical Instruments

Paul Schwingenschlögl: "Plejaden*Suite"


(c) SIMPK / Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
Gray Organ of the Musikinstrumenten-Museum (1815-1820)

Museum of Musical Instruments

Guided organ tour for children

Guided Tour

Johannes Barthelmes Quartett

Museum of Musical Instruments

Johannes Barthelmes Quartett

Acoustic ear miracle with big, full sound


(c) SIMPK / Anne-Katrin Breitenborn
Beethoven-Lounge at the Musikinstrumenten-Museum

Museum of Musical Instruments

Violent Fantasies with Beethoven in Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange

Lecture with Albrecht Riethmüller

Lecture, talk



Online collections database SMB-digital


Admission price

6,00 €

Kulturforum all exhibitions: 12,00 €

Reduced price

3,00 €

Kulturforum all exhibitions: 6,00 €

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