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Museen Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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Since 1995, the "Million Dollar Villa" on Hauptstraße has housed a major attraction for (not only) young people: the Youth Museum at Schöneberg Museum (Jugend Museum im Schöneberg Museum). It is a place that encourages experimentation and highlights the enjoyment of finding things out for oneself. The museum's programme consists of exhibitions, project days for school classes, history workshops, art workshops and city reconnaissance tours. Vocational training and seminars for teachers in educational science are also offered.

There are two exhibitions currently on permanent display. First up is the award-winning "Wunderkammern – Wunderkisten" ("Chamber of Wonders – Chest of Wonders"), which encourages children from 8 years of age onwards to investigate and discover a number of treasures, including 27 large chests filled with a wonder of precious, everyday items ranging from a Germanic sacrificial ox to a rag doll. In each case, the item has something to do with Berlin's history and inhabitants.

The "VILLA GLOBAL" exhibition is made up of doors leading to 14 small rooms which children from the age of 10 onwards may open and have a look inside. There they will discover the life stories of Schöneberg residents who originate from Russia, Poland, Syria, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Iran and other countries.

Alternating exhibitions and workshop presentations round out the offerings at the museum.

Youth Museum in the Schöneberg Museum
Hauptstraße 40/42
10827 Berlin

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