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Festivals and Events 2023

Highlights in this year's calendar

From the EMOP photo festival to the Gallery Weekend and the Berlin Art Week - many Berlin events attract countless guests year after year. In 2023, the events will continue to provide many unforgettable experiences. Status: 4 January 2023

Lo-Def Film Factory, transmediale 2022, Akademie der Künste
Foto: Adam Berry
Lo-Def Film Factory, transmediale 2022, Akademie der Künste


1 to 5 february 2023

The 36th edition of transmediale takes place at the Akademie der Künste in Hanseatenweg and throughout the city. A model, a map, a fiction explores how scale reconfigures relationships, politics and affects. Parallel to the festival, transmediale presents the free citywide exhibition Out of Scale, embedded in Berlin's networks and infrastructures.

Paul Hutchinson "Glare", 2020 in der Jubiläumsausstellung "Touch"
Paul Hutchinson "Glare", 2020 in der Jubiläumsausstellung "Touch"

EMOP Berlin

2 to 31 March 2023

Every two years, the European Month of Photography, one of the largest photo festivals in Germany, takes place. The upcoming anniversary - 10 editions in 20 years - runs for the first time in spring and thus corresponds with the festivals of the European network in Paris, Lisbon and Vienna. The Opening Days and an anniversary exhibition can be experienced at Amtsalon Berlin. 

Gallery Weekend 2019: Richard Long / Konrad Fischer Galerie © C. Porikys
Installationsansicht mit überkreuz ausgelegten Steinen in der Konrad Fischer Gallery.

Gallery Weekend

28 to 30 april 2023

Every spring, Berlin galleries open exhibitions by globally acclaimed artists. Founded in 2005, the weekend has established itself as a highlight in the international art calendar. The format combines high-calibre exhibitions with the experience of city and gallery spaces.

© Internationaler Museumstag

International Museum Day

21 may 2022

International Museum Day is proclaimed annually by the International Council of Museums ICOM to draw attention to the thematic diversity and social significance of the more than 6500 museums in Germany. For the 46th edition, the museums presented themselves both with analogue offers on the day of action and digitally on the nationwide platform.

Biodiversitätswand, © Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Biodiversitätswand © Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Long Night of the Sciences

17 june 2023

Every year, science and research institutions in Berlin and Potsdam open their laboratories, lecture halls, libraries and archives. Scientists explain what they are researching in experiments, lectures and demonstrations. The "smartest night of the year" communicates science in an understandable and entertaining way for young and old.

Potsdamer Schlössernacht 2021, Quidams „Totems“
© Michael Clemens
Potsdamer Schlössernacht 2021, Quidams „Totems“

Potsdamer Schlössernacht

18 and 19 august 2023

The annual festival in Sanssouci Park is a unique variety mile around Sanssouci Palace, the Orangery Palace, Charlottenhof Palace and the Roman Baths. Terraces, ponds and rondels are illuminated, the historic halls are open and artistic performances, parades in historic costumes and concerts provided entertainment everywhere.

Lange Nacht der Museen 2019, Deutsches Technikmuseum
© Kulturprojekte Berlin. Foto: Marion Borris
Lange Nacht der Museen 2019, Deutsches Technikmuseum

Long Night of Museums

26 august 2022

Acrobatics under domes, courtly dance in the palace, cocktails under dinosaurs - experience museums differently. The world-famous houses on Museum Island are just as much a part of it as art houses and technology museums, planetariums and castles. The Long Night of Museums is a Berlin invention. It was held here for the first time in 1997. In 2022, after a two-year break from Corona, over 40,000 guests experienced Berlin's most culturally rich night.

Denkmäler der Siegesallee
Zitadelle Berlin, Foto: Friedhelm Hoffmann
Denkmäler der Siegesallee im Stadtgeschichtlichen Museum Spandau.

Day of the open monument in Berlin

10 september 2022

This year's motto "Talent Monument" shines the spotlight on Germany's monument talents. What exactly constitutes a monument? The famous castle, an inconspicuous chapel in the countryside, the large concrete building of the post-war period or the small town house next door - every monument brings talents and qualities with it - even if they are not immediately recognisable.

Repräsentative Straßenfront der Synagoge mit der Hauptkuppel

Long Night of Religions

2 and 3 september 2022

The largest and most diverse interreligious event in Germany has been taking place since 2012. Up to 100 religious communities and initiatives open their synagogues, churches, mosques, temples and community centres (mostly in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Mitte), invite people to talks, concerts, services, devotions and lectures and thus promote social dialogue.

Messe POSITIONS Berlin 2022
© Kulturprojekte Berlin, Foto: Oana Popa
Messe POSITIONS Berlin 2022

Berlin Art Week

14 to 18 september 2022

Since 2012, Berlin Art Week has been a platform and the largest gathering of the most important players in Berlin's contemporary art scene. It represents what the art city is all about: a source where art is created, a laboratory for themes, and a place for new impulses and many discoveries. Galleries from all over the world present young art at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, and top-class exhibitions open in Berlin museums, exhibition houses and project spaces. Thus, along with Gallery Weekend in the spring, Berlin Art Week is the highlight of Berlin's art year.

Jüdische Kulturtage Berlin 2019 © Yan Revazov
Konzert in einer Synagoge, Blick auf die Bühne.

Jewish Culture Days

september 2023

The Culture Days invite you to get to know Berlin's Jewish culture. Every year, a varied programme of concerts, readings, exhibitions, discussions and theatre is offered. With this event, the Berlin Jewish Community wants to show the public the positive and life-affirming aspects of Jewish life.


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