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Bode Museum, German Historical Museum, Pergamon Museum

The Multaka team © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst

Guides from Iraq and Syria are offering tours in Arabic at the Pergamon Museum (including talks inside the Museum of Islamic Art and inside the Museum of Ancient Near East), at the Bode Museum (including talks inside the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art), and at the German Historical Museum inside the permanent exhibition.

The project is a pilot, training refugees as museum tour guides. It is called “Multaka: Meeting point museum” and was developed by Stefan Weber, director of the Museum of Islamic Art, and his team. The guides completed a didactical training and studied the collections of the museums in depth. They are now guiding groups through the collections every Wednesday and Saturdays at 3 pm and present their personal highlights from the collection. The tours are free. Participants meet at the cash register of the Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum or German Historical Museum. Booking is not necessary.

Contact and group registration at [email protected]

Further information on facebook:

Communication Museum

View into the permanent exhibiton © Mario Lammersen / MSPT / Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

The Communication Museum offers guided tours through the permanent exhibition in German and English. The tour is titled “From hand-axe to smartphone: From the first evidence of human communication to digital networking” and explores technical innovations as well as milestones of communication history. The tours are free. Participants should be minimum 13 years old and register at (030) 20294 204 or [email protected]

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

Guided tour at the exbibtion "Jackson Pollock's Mural. Engery Made Visible", Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Photo: Matthias Schormann © CAA Berlin

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle is offering free admission and guided tours to every exhibition for refugees and their families. Tours in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Russian, Turkish or in sign language can be joined after registration under (030) 20 20 93 19 or [email protected]

 German Historical Museum

Guided tour for adults through the exhibition "Unification. German society in transition" © DHM / Siesing

The German Historical Museum aims at introducing refugees to German history and culture via specifically tailored workshop programmes. Under the title „Welcome to Germany – a time travel through German history“ participants explore the permanent exhibition and learn basic facts about German society.

These tours are free of charge and available in German, English and French or with Arabic, Albanian, Persian or Russian interpreters. Bookings can be made for groups of up to 15 people by calling this number (030) 20 304 -750/751 or by sending an email to [email protected] Please look here for further information.

Märkisches Museum – Stadtmuseum Berlin

Führung mit Ali Pahani
Guided tour with Ali Pahani at Märkisches Museum © Stadtmuseum Berlin, Photo: Constanze Schröder

Stadtmuseum Berlin is offering free guided tours in Arabic and Farsi trough the permanent exhibition at Märkisches Museum. The groups can explore the museum and the objects from different origine by talking to a native speaker, who himself has arrived in Berlin a few months ago.
The tours take place every Tuesday at 4 pm. They are organized together with the Refugee Academy.
Tours in Arabic take place on January 10 and 24, February 7 and 21, March 7 and 21.
Tours in Farsi take place on January 17 an 31, February 14 an 28, March 14 and 28.

More information here.
For registration please contact
Ali Panahi by phone (030) 24002 120 or e-mail [email protected] or write a message to [email protected]

Neukölln Museum

Participants answering questions during „Zeitreise Neukölln“ © Museum Neukölln, Photo: Bruno Braun

„Zeitreise Neukölln“ translates to time travel Neukölln and is the title of an interactive learning programme, developed by Neukölln Museum in collaboration with Volkshochschule Neukölln. The programme was developed for participants of the German language courses held at Volkshochschule. Teenagers and adults are encouraged to practise their language skills while learning about Neukölln’s history. Participants receive worksheets, which they can use to record their impressions and emotions of different objects in the museum collection. The results are discussed with other members of the group.

Further information and booking at (030) 62 72 77 -727 or via email at [email protected]

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